Why You Shouldn't Use AI Written Contracts

Why You Shouldn't Use AI Written Contracts

Artificial Intelligence Shouldn't Be Trusted For Everything… Like Drafting Important Legal Contracts!

Technology is rapidly evolving right before our eyes everyday! Right now artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT and Jasper is on the rave.

People are using artificial intelligence for just about anything and everything BUT it does have its limitations!

One such limitation is legal contracts!

AI should not be used when so much is on the line with legal contracts.

There are numerous reasons why contracts written by a human (professional attorney)hold such immense value and why they are still required in today's ever changing landscape.

In this blog we will explore a few of those reasons and dive into why traditional contracts are still crucial and how they provide a level of clarity, authenticity and personal touch that artificial intelligence fails to do.

So… Let's talk about AI.

What Exactly Is AI?

AI, short for Artificial Intelligence, refers to computer systems/machines that can perform tasks that usually only a person can accomplish.

It is a broad term that encompasses a lot of machine technologies. The objective is to develop technology that can understand, analyze, and interpret information, learn from experiences, and adapt to new situations or tasks just like us humans can. It can almost sound scary and there have been plenty of movies where the robots turn bad and end up taking over the world, don't worry though right now we are still good.

A lot of people think that AI is new, and generally speaking they are right! AI started to be studied more and taken seriously around the 1950’s. The idea has been around for much longer than that though!

You might think that you don't use AI but chances are you are wrong! Maps and navigation, Siri, facial recognition, search and recommendation algorithms, and social media all contain some sort of artificial intelligence.

More recently when people think of AI they think of chat bots such as ChatGPT.

It can be an extremely powerful tool that can answer almost any question you have and perform tasks such as writing essays and even blog posts like this one (don't worry, I assure you I am a human and not a robot).

Because of this people might think it's a good idea to have it write up legal contracts…

Unfortunately that is not a good idea AT ALL, and we will dive into that right now…

Why AI Doesn't Work For Legal Contracts…

A huge advantage of a contract written by a professional attorney rather than AI is our unique ability to convey complex legal terms in a clear way. Contracts written by humans can be much more specific to the exact situation at hand.

Writing a legal document involves a lot more than just putting a bunch of words together in a cohesive document…

Sometimes people can be vague or sketchy unfortunately and might try to wrong you in a contract with loose terms and obligations. When a professional attorney reads over a contract they can oftentimes see any errors or chances for one party to harass another and the same goes when writing contracts. When writing contracts a human can put in terms and obligations that avoid any room for deceit and manipulation. Simply put, a human written contract has less errors or room for misinterpretation.

Which may seem like it is the opposite but you must remember that the contracts you are using should always be written by professional attorneys that know almost everything there is to know about contracts. Professional attorneys draw on knowledge, experience, and judgment in order to make sure the contract protects all the parties involved and allows for a wonderful relationship between them as well.

Another reason why AI can't do legal contracts is personalization. Contracts are not just legal documents but they are also a mirror of the relationship and trust established between all the parties involved. A human written contract delivers a personal touch that AI written contracts can not even come close to at all.

Legal contracts are typically intricate and complex unfortunately and they require a deep understanding of the law. Now, while AI algorithms can process a large amount of data they still lack the ability to interpret extremely complex legal concepts. It is also important to remember that contracts oftentimes have to be different state by state so this is also important to keep in mind and a huge limitation for AI.

Ethics is another shortcoming of AI. Obviously machines can not think or feel (so far) thus they have no ethical awareness which is important when it comes to writing legal contracts. Contracts can carry significant consequences and implications for the parties involved. Professional attorneys have ethical obligations to their clients they must follow, including maintaining confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest, and providing sound advice!

As you can guess, AI lacks the ethical awareness and responsibility required in handling confidential information, understanding attorney-client privilege, and most important ensuring compliance with legal and professional standards. Wheny ou trust AI to write a legal contract you may end up with ethical violations which in turn can have legal ramifications!

One last reason that you can't trust AI written contracts is because the law is always changing! AI does not necessarily change with it but a good lawyer/attorney will always be on top of changes! 

What Does Work?

So now that we know that contracts written by AI simply don't meet the cut… What should you do?

Should you pay thousands of dollars for a lawyer to draft up a contract, can you really afford all that plus wait while it's being done? It could take days or even weeks!

We have a better solution…

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This blog post is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice and is not intended to form an attorney client relationship.