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Whether you are establishing a new company, hiring talent, or securing customers, our extensive collection of agreements includes every contract you need to protect and empower your business operations.


A specialized collection of legal documents tailored to empower your next television, commercial or unscripted project ensuring a seamless production from start to finish.


Confidently bring your cinematic vision to life with our comprehensive collection of film-specific agreements designed to address all aspects of your production needs.


Are you an influencer seeking to protect your interests, or a brand focused on fostering productive collaborations with talent, our templates offer the essential legal framework necessary for a successful partnership.


Navigate the complexities of the music industry with our extensive collection of music agreements customized to meet the unique needs of artists and producers.


Protect your online presence with our collection of digital agreements carefully crafted to ensure compliance and safeguard your business activities.

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Essential legal documents every CEO needs to successfully start and grow their business, providing a solid foundation for your entrepreneurial journey.

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With the Every Contract You Need subscription,Β you'll have access to our comprehensive library of meticulously crafted contract templates, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your industry.


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Expertly Drafted by Experienced Attorneys.

Our contracts are meticulously crafted by attorneys with decades of industry-specific experience. Whether you’re dealing with entertainment, business, marketing or intellectual property matters, our templates adhere to the best practices and legal standards used by industry leaders.

Proven Success.

The agreements we offer you here are the same contracts used to protect some of Hollywood's biggest names, most successful companies and creators. These documents have been battle-tested in high-stakes environments, ensuring they are capable of meeting the needs of any individual and business, from startups to established enterprises.

Unmatched Variety and Specialization.

Every Contract You Need is the only platform offering specialized contracts tailored specifically for the entertainment industry and creator economy. Our exclusive range of agreements is crafted to address the dynamic trends and emerging practices within these fields.


We provide attorney drafted contracts at a fraction of the cost of traditional legal services. This approach allows you to redirect resources towards other crucial aspects of your business or project without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Dynamic Updates and Industry Insights.

Stay ahead of the curve: We continuously update our contract templates to reflect the latest legal changes and provide valuable industry insights through our blog and newsletters to keep you informed and prepared.

Client Reviews


As an influencer navigating the complex world of contracts and legal agreements, I found this website to be an absolute game-changer! Every Contract You Need is a valuable resource that I highly recommend to any influencer or content creator in need of legal documentation.


Atlanta, Georgia


The site is very easy to use and far less expensive than using our attorney to draft them. Will definitely be our go to for creating contracts for clients, employees and vendors. If you’re a business owner or startup founder, I can’t recommend this site enough!

Talia Boone
Founder & CEO, Postal Petals

Los Angeles, CA


I was skeptical about using a legal template at first, but I needed a contract for my film production company quickly. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and efficient the process was.

Ralph S.

Los Angeles, CA


ECYN is an exceptional legal contract vendor. Their expertise in influencer and entertainment agreements, tailored to celebrity collaborations, has been invaluable. Their proactive approach and exceptional service make them a trusted partner. We highly recommend ECYN for legal support in this industry.

Shawn Gunn
CEO, Pllay Labs Inc.

Los Angeles, CA


As an independent filmmaker, I needed a contract template that would protect my interests and be easy to use. The legal templates offered by this company were exactly what I needed.

Tiffany Spencer

Los Angeles, CA


I highly recommend this company for their legal templates. As an independent producer, I don't have the budget to hire a full-time attorney. These templates allowed me to create legally binding agreements quickly and affordably.

Franklin Bates

Buffalo, NY


The legal templates provided by this company are top-notch. They are well-written, easy to understand, and contain all the necessary legal clauses. I was able to customize the templates to fit my specific needs.

Robert Rainey

New York, NY

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