Discover How ECYN's Legal Support Helped a Gaming Company Safeguard Their Contracts

Discover How ECYN's Legal Support Helped a Gaming Company Safeguard Their Contracts

This case study highlights the successful partnership between PLLAY Labs and ECYN, a legal contract vendor specialized in the entertainment industry.

ECYN's expertise and tailored agreements have been instrumental in PLLAY Labs' growth by enabling them to form lucrative partnerships with influential celebrities and investors in the music and video gaming sector.

This study examines how ECYN's reliable, knowledgeable, and proactive approach has helped PLLAY Labs navigate the complexities of influencer and entertainment agreements, contributing to their industry success.


PLLAY Labs, an AI driven video wager and data platform, sought legal support to establish agreements with celebrity influencers, as well as investors, and navigate the dynamic landscape of the entertainment sector. This case study explores how ECYN's expertise and exceptional client service helped PLLAY Labs achieve its objectives and thrive in a competitive industry.

Challenges Faced:

  1. Navigating Complexity: The rapidly changing nature of the music and video gaming industry presented numerous legal complexities, requiring expertise and adaptability to stay ahead.
  2. Forming Lucrative Partnerships: PLLAY Labs sought to collaborate with influential celebrities and investors to gain a competitive edge, necessitating robust and comprehensive agreements.

ECYN's Solution:

  1. Expertise and Tailored Agreements: ECYN leveraged their deep understanding of the entertainment industry to create bespoke agreements tailored to PLLAY Labs' specific needs. By considering industry nuances and evolving trends, they ensured the contracts were up-to-date and aligned with the company's objectives.
  2. Proactive Approach: ECYN maintained prompt communication and a proactive approach throughout the collaboration, anticipating potential challenges and offering strategic legal advice to mitigate risks effectively.

Results and Outcome

ECYN's expertise and support yielded several positive outcomes for PLLAY Labs.

Firstly, thanks to ECYN's assistance, PLLAY Labs successfully formed partnerships with influential celebrities and investors, leading to substantial growth and market expansion.

Secondly, these collaborations and high-profile partnerships garnered industry recognition for PLLAY Labs within both the entertainment and video gaming sectors, elevating their reputation and market position.

Lastly, the exceptional client service and reliable legal support provided by ECYN nurtured a trusted and long-lasting partnership, fostering mutual growth and success for both companies.

ECYN's role as a reliable and knowledgeable legal contract vendor has been pivotal in PLLAY Labs' journey within the entertainment industry.

By offering tailored agreements, proactive legal counsel, and an understanding of industry nuances, ECYN enabled PLLAY Labs to navigate complexities, form influential partnerships, and achieve substantial growth.

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